Dumb Doctors – I Am You 7″

dumb doctors i am you 7 scott dence

DUMB DOCTORS is the moniker of Scott Dence from Charleston, SC. Originally a member of Boring Portals and Sans Jose, he has been recording these singles by himself since the beginning of the summer. I Am You is the most recent, delivering “two heart-exploding shots of pure garage psych power.”

Whenever Dence has some extra time off from his touring bands, he’s creating these jagged cuts of trash-fueled psych punk. These two burners are crusted with shredded noise and sharp to the touch, so you should proceed with the utmost caution. This single is a heavy-hitter to say the least, starting with the sharp and angular guitars in “I Am You.” They burst through the door with a wave of grit, showing off both grungy and metal-leaning influences. The track staggers along with a bluesy edge as well, evidenced by the dirgy, squealing guitar solos in the middle of the track. B-side “Black Door” hits like a ton of bricks with it’s propulsive, pent-up energy. It’s a rage-driven attack led by a spastic guitar hook, buried in flashing metallic shards and cavernous howling. Despite it’s unrelenting filth-factor, this gritty stomp is about as invigorating as any track you could hope for. Pretend it’s something in the more terrifying vein of Zulus, spiked with a little extra psychedelic power for an absolutely menacing result. Listen now or forever hold your peace!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Lo-Fi
I Am You 7″: Tracklist:
1.) I Am You
2.) Black Door

BUY the digital 7″ on Bandcamp – only $2 !
Dumb Doctors on Bandcamp

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