Heaters – Brown Sugar EP

heaters brown sugar ep 2014 self released

After dropping Alex Falardeau from their lineup, the remaining Plantains (Andrew Tamlyn, Josh Korf, Nolan Krebs) have spiced things up with a new band name, HEATERS. The enduring trio picked up right where Plantains left off with Brown Sugar, an EP full of 5 psych-flavored garage songs.

Heaters have previously released their albums on Stolen Body Records (UK) and Yeah Baby Records (Paris, ME) but, this EP was recorded DIY style in the band’s attic, somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tamlyn and Krebs share guitar, bass and vocal duties while Korf exclusively plays drums.

The Plantain remains continue to experiment with psychedelic pop sounds of the 60’s. These vibrant tones are fashioned into surf rock-styled staccato riffs that melt together in the swells of their sonic lo-fi production. One would spin out of control if not for Korf’s steadfast beat that remains true as the lapping of the waves. The earnest howling vocals of Krebs and Tamlyn further compliment the euphonic jangly rock with nonsensical stanzas that suggest the psychotropics are strong as ever. Get started by listening to the EP now.

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