Hot Off the Press: Bad Indians, Cellphone, Legendary Wings, The Omecs

cellphone excellent condition lp telephone explosion 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: BAD INDIANS and LEGENDARY WINGS have both announced their sophomore albums (CQ Records and Dirtnap Records), CELLPHONE readies their lethal debut LP (Telephone Explosion) and THE OMECS drop their first cassette at their tape-release show (King Pizza Records).

Bad Indians – Keep Losin’ LP: Similarly fuzzy guitars from their previous LP (think the eerily titled “Love and a Shovel”) are back to haunt as soon as Keep Losin’ takes flight. Are On the Other Side showed flashes of what is now their third full-length record, proving the Bad Indians are after something different this time around. There’s darker, poppy numbers with a surf-psych flare (“Don’t Hang That On Me”), where guitars are buttery smooth and backed by the prismatic glow of fluttering organs. The tone of these songs is warm and muggy – “Walk With Me” comes with a cavernous echo as slithery vocals cut through the thick vapor. They change gears with a few expansive space-rock epics (all at least eight minutes in length), showing off a slew of rabid guitar moves through three tracks that sum up to 30 minutes. That said, you need get to listening, pronto. CQ Records drops the LP on November 11th – it’s limited to 250 on marble vinyl.

Legendary Wings – Do You See LP: Legendary Wings second LP busts open with a heart-stopping fuzzball of shredded guitar fury. They send a torrent of shock waves through your body with their extremely caffeinated take on power-punk, driven by explosive guitar layers and Scott Terrain’s blown-out howling. They’re picking up almost right where they left us with Making Paper Roses, keeping their new set of songs raw and energizing (with silly movie clips intact) despite Terrain’s occasionally gloomy lyrics. “Fatuous” might be the perfect example – you easily detect Terrain’s downer words, but his uplifting delivery along with a beam of guitar keeps you clawing back. Dirtnap Records drops the LP on November 11th – listen to “Weather Advisory” now.

Cellphone – Excellent Condition LP: The latest to emerge from the chilled dregs of Toronto: Cellphone. Their raging new LP, released by Telephone Explosion Records, exposes us to a cataclysmic psychedelic-punk attack. Their songs pack an infinitely heavy punch, built with frenetic guitar static and an occasional searing electronic component that has us screaming “sci-fi.” We’re led by the dark, vicious crooning of Mike Wirth Broff, who guides us through a belligerent landscape of jarring thrash-metal techniques that are never replicated. The result is a jaw-dropping, 27-minute onslaught of snarling power metal infused with a menacing layer of sludgy synth. The scaly, free-form guitar hookage in “Bad Medusa” has the rest of the band playing catch up. Listen below for all the proof you need.

The Omecs – s/t CS: The Brooklyn-based King Pizza Records has stopped at nothing in 2014. Their next move covers the Omecs, a Grand Rapids, MI four-piece who concoct a particular strand of twangy, folksy rock and roll. Their songs are driven by an invigorating string of glowing, blues-flavored guitar, all wound-up tight and battered by the thud of tom-toms. There’s the bluesy, 3-chord crunch of “Ham on Rye” and the smokey slow-burner “Sinking Down” which changes speed on the dime for an exciting twist. That said, there’s no doubting the Omecs would deliver an exhilarating performance. Find out for yourself at their tape release show on October 27th in Grand Rapids. For everyone else, keep your eyes on this page for an eventual link to buy the tape.

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