Hot Off the Press: Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Neighborhood Brats, Schonwald

schonwald dream for the fall lp anywave music manic depression records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS released their second 12″ record (Total Punk), the NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS just released their debut (Deranged Records), and SCHONWALD has a new sophomore record to share with the world (Anywave Music/ Manic Depression Records).

Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – Culture Demanufacturer 12″:
Buck’s razor sharp guitars sound like they’re opening a can of soup while he spits his game at you. He’s pissed and he’s telling us exactly why – he offers an early warning in “You Better Stay Away From Me,” creating a sum of the feelings expressed on Culture Demanufacturer. “You’re a phony, you’re a fake, you’re a liar, you’re a snake” he spews, brought to life by a torrent of sloppy but streamlined guitar fury. Another telling example is in “Rock and Roll Sucks,” which proves Buck likely hates and will deconstruct anything and everything you love – from AM sports radio to hippies to rock and roll itself, nothing is safe. (The Buck 12″ sold out ridiculously fast from Total Punk, so keep your eyes peeled for a copy to surface on

Neighborhood Brats – Recovery LP: Bass and guitar form a sludgy wave of invigorating energy in every last one of these muscular, hard-nosed tracks. They’re fortified by the constant stampede of thuds – see “Boys for 20 Years” or “Escape the City” – led by the careening snarls of frontwoman Jenny Angelillo. Between her relentless vocal attack and the dual-prong of bass and guitar, this record just sounds deviously delicious, not to mention downright frightening. The elegantly titled “50 Shades of Fuck You” is a minute and a half burner of scathing, blistering punk rock – if the title alone doesn’t appeal to you, the ravaging mess of instruments paired with the fist-in-air chanting will seal the deal. Get the LP from Deranged Records now – the red vinyl is still available!

Schonwald – Dream For the Fall LP: After a previous 7″ on Hozac Records, SCHONWALD return with their long-awaited sophomore LP, Dream for the Fall. Following almost six years after their debut, it’s a brooding, technicolor mixture of synth pop and post-punk, where they create cool, chilling sounds of paranoia with a minimalist approach. Their prismatic cover art is a fitting image for the sound – the floating apple figure embodies the spirits you encounter as you aimlessly drift through the cosmos. “A Chrome” displays their electronic pop in chromatic fashion, leaking a pungent neon ooze over a dark and shadowy dance floor. Their sound is economical and open-ended, fueled by intense repetition that keeps you alert and ready for their next move. You can buy the LP now via Anywave Music or Manic Depression Records, then catch them on their European tour this fall!

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