White Manna – Pan


Humboldt County, California psych-outs WHITE MANNA present Pan, their fourth full-length since 2012. The LP is a split release – it’s the band’s second album for both Captcha Records and Cardinal Fuzz in the UK. Continue reading “White Manna – Pan”

SOTD #56: White Manna – “Evil”

white manna pan lp captcha records 2015

We just received an earful of the brand new WHITE MANNA album that’s soon to drop via Captcha Records. The album, named after the Greek god of nature Pan, will be released on May 26th – less than a year after their previous LP Come Down Safari.

Given the nature of their new lead single “Evil,” right off the bat it sounds like their taking a different approach with the new album. Come Down Safari was more of a soothing psychedelic comedown, expansive and drawn out – Pan (albeit we’ve only heard a single track) sounds like this heady monster of fuzz-fueled psychedelic punk. “Evil” is dominated by two menacing chords, starting with the crunch of the guitar and strengthened by the colorful glaze of the synthesizer over top. Guitars morph into a monstrous technicolor solo that swallows everything in sight, creating this mighty, ground-shaking blowout that is best experienced at the highest volume. David Johnson’s vocals soar over the lush mixture, sounding one part raspy and two parts electrified as he wails away with authority. They keep chugging for a full 5 minutes and when it’s all said and done one listen just isn’t enough. Give “Evil” a whirl below and you’ll see just what White Manna has going on.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Psychedelic, Garage Rock

PREORDER the LP from Captcha Records – “white inside black with pink and blue splatter 12″ vinyl LP”
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Hot Off the Press: Vegetarian Meat LP, Fat Creeps, Buffalo Tooth, SW/MM/NG

various artists vegetarian meat compilation lp stolen body records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: Stolen Body Records in the UK delivers a brand new compilation entitled Vegetarian Meat, Fayetteville, AR quintet SW/MM/NG drop their new LP Feel Not Bad (Old Flame Records), Boston-based duo FAT CREEPS have a new LP Must Be Nice (Sophomore Lounge), and BUFFALO TOOTH from San Francisco releases their debut album Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce (Captcha Records).

Various Artists: Vegetarian Meat Complation: Stolen Body Records has put together a compilation of bands from the UK, France and USA and they’re calling it Vegetarian Meat. It’s the first in what the label hopes to be a long line of compilation records, coming on blue vinyl with red splatter. Tracklisting boasts a killer list of bands including Dusty Mush, Travel Check, Heaters, Taos Humm, Pain Dimension, Factotum, and Os Noctàmbulos (with a mix of tracks that may or may not appear on previous releases). Originally planned as a Record Store Day 2014 release, the album never made it to the plant in time, but it’s day has finally come – buy the album directly from Stolen Body Records on September 8th.


Sophomore Lounge Records is dropping a new LP from Fat Creeps. Must Be Nice is loaded with 10 tracks that are ripe with jarring guitars, bright, breathy vocals and crashing rhythms. Streaming above, “He Comes in Loudly” is an obvious highlight. It’s bursting with a variety of elements, including glowing guitar waves, pleasant vocal interplay and wonky bass lines. They create a driving and angular sound in one effortless shot, providing us with a truly infectious song that’s reminiscent of Grass Widow or Warpaint. You can get the LP from Sophomore Lounge now.

BUFFALO TOOTHGardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce LP:

Released by Captcha Records in California, Gardeners of the Devil’s Lettuce is the debut LP from San Francisco trio Buffalo Tooth. The LP comes limited to 500 pieces on black and white splatter vinyl, containing a hot mess of speedy, metal-tinged punk and 70’s-flavored rock fueled by relentless fuzz guitars. Grab the LP from Captcha on September 30th as long as your heart can take it!

SW/MM/NGFeel Not Bad LP:

Released on August 26th, SW/MM/NG drop their debut LP Feel Not Bad on Old Flame Records. It’s loaded with nine tracks of jangly guitar pop, led by the bright crooning of Brian Kupillas. “Younger” comes with some surf-y tones, not to mention the pleasant vibe of a sun-drenched beach day. You can listen to a full stream of the LP right here, then snag the vinyl on the 26th.

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