Travel Check – $66 7″ EP

travel check ep 2 howlin banana records 2014

After dropping one of our most recommended singles in 2013, TRAVEL CHECK come back strong with their second 7″ release, an EP simply titled $66. It’s again released by Howlin’ Banana Records, which is based in Paris along with the four members of the band.

After hearing their debut 7″ last year, the band has honed in on a particular path with this new EP. That first 7″ featured three tracks, each of which were so different they kept you guessing. They were slower, darker and not nearly as pop-centered, leaving us to say we’re welcoming the new change of pace with open arms. Their sample size is still pretty small, but after two solid singles you’ve got to wonder what else could be up their sleeves. Right now they’re working on details for an upcoming debut LP, which we can hopefully expect sometime this year.

If they stick to the path they’ve made with 66$, their LP will be loaded with fun and invigorating garage jams like these. Self-titled track “$66” is the perfect example, exposing us to tightly-woven guitar jangles that are bright and sprightly. Raspy vocals comprise the sing-along chorus, whether it’s about tripping acid or the drips in your head. EP closer “Feels Alright” steals the spotlight on this platter, laying down wobbly, strung-out guitars over a choppy rhythm. The chorus hits you like a sandblasted wave of heat, flipping on the psych switch with a palpable layer of guitar scuzz. They keep the good vibes flowing, driven by the fuzzy chorus “I’ve got my sunglasses over my shaggy eyes.” It all unfurls with a jump in speed, sending us on an acid-induced swirl in the finale minute.

We wouldn’t want you to miss this stuff (the 7″ comes on white vinyl and is limited to 300 copies) so head on over to Howlin’ Banana and snag a copy before it’s too late. Their first 7″ is long sold out, which means the clock is ticking for 7″ number two. Get on it now!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
66$ 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) $66
2.) Druggy Daddy
3.) La Gravière
4.) Feels Alright

BUY the 7″ from Howlin’ Banana Records – limited to 300 on white vinyl !
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Travel Check on Bandcamp

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