The People’s Temple – More For the Masses

people's temple more for the masses lp 2012 hozac records

The double-brotherly duo of THE PEOPLE’S TEMPLE come back strong with their sophomore LP on Hozac Records. After the Looter’s Game 7″, this record just couldn’t come quick enough.

Like a psilocybin trip in the woods. Awesome sounds traveling in and out of your lobes at 150 miles per hour. The wilderness around you is growing…breathing. This record is the soundtrack to your adventure. You can hear it somewhere off in the distance, drawing you in. It makes you want to move your feet, do awkward but funky things with your body. Michigan’s own People’s Temple has nailed down what seems to be the best trip you have ever had, and all you have to do is drop the needle.

They have turned back the dial, sharply carving out a block from the small tree of modern psych bands paying proper respects to their 1960s predecessors. More For The Masses is like a dream. It has your attention from start to finish, combining basement couch bong rippers like “Restless” and fuzzy outdoor improv jams like “Nevermore” and “Loose (Fire).” Get this record on your Christmas list and spend your winter constantly being reminded of how much better summer is. Hozac has plenty to go around, so don’t sleep on it!

Post written courtesy of the one and only Fuzz Drench.

More For the Masses –

Looters Game –

Loose (Fire) –

Right from Wrong –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic
More For the Masses LP: Tracklist:
1.) More for the Masses
2.) Blinding City
3.) Nevermore
4.) Texas Revisited
5.) Looter’s Game
6.) House of Fools
7.) Restless
8.) Loose (Fire)
9.) (The) Forest Speaks
10.) Fortune Teller
11.) Right from Wrong
12.) One Million to One
13.) The River (Donovan’s Song)
14.) (Dark Dreams) Distant Memories

BUY the LP directly from Hozac Records – first press limited to 550 !
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3 thoughts on “The People’s Temple – More For the Masses

  1. Great review of an amazing album, one of the best I ever heard, really. I hear all the influences in their music and they really take it all and make it their own.

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