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Slugga – Parasite 7″

slugga parasite 7 total punk records 2015

Total Punk Records just set free a nasty new 7″ from Atlanta punks SLUGGA. It’s a perfect addition to their growing family of gritty, mutant punk and for once we’re covering a Total Punk release before it sells out.

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Cal & the Calories – Bastard in a Yellow Suit 7″

cal and the calories bastard yellow suit 7 total punk 2014

Total Punk Records got off to a solid start in 2015 with a pair of 7″ records. One of them was the third 7″ from CAL AND THE CALORIES, a group that shares members with notable bands Lumpy and the Dumpers and Rat Heart. Continue reading

Hot Off the Press: Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Neighborhood Brats, Schonwald

schonwald dream for the fall lp anywave music manic depression records 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS released their second 12″ record (Total Punk), the NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS just released their debut (Deranged Records), and SCHONWALD has a new sophomore record to share with the world (Anywave Music/ Manic Depression Records). Continue reading

Golden Pelicans – s/t LP

golden pelicans st lp total punk 2014

After a string of killer 7″ records, Florida’s own rugged sewer punks, the GOLDEN PELICANS, have finally dropped their debut album. Continue reading

Lumpy & the Dumpers – Gnats in the Pisser 7″

lumpy and the dumpers gnats in the pisser 7 total punk 2014

Total Punk Records is set to release their first set of records in 2014. Their newest batch of 7″ vinyl includes the second single from St. Louis-based LUMPY & THE DUMPERS, shoving two sludgy cuts of mutilated punk down our throat. Continue reading