Slugga – Parasite 7″

slugga parasite 7 total punk records 2015

Total Punk Records just set free a nasty new 7″ from Atlanta punks SLUGGA. It’s a perfect addition to their growing family of gritty, mutant punk and for once we’re covering a Total Punk release before it sells out.

As soon as the needle touches the wax, it comes as no surprise that Total Punk Records put this rotten little thing out into the wild. Front man Mark Bonner sings with his brutally disgusted slur through these two rippers, cramming as much hate as possible into a single 7″. That said, if Total Punk’s Lumpy & the Dumpers 7″ struck a chord with you, this single should have no trouble penetrating your listening rotation. B-side “Shaved Heads” rhymes “shaved head” with “shoulda been dead,” simply displaying how unpleasant this thing gets. “Parasite” opens with a thick, marauding buzz of guitar, followed by Bonner’s loathsome scowling and a rock-steady beat to keep your head banging. There’s a blunt hardcore edge to this filth, only proving that you need to proceed with caution or face the dire consequences. Listen to both tracks below, then go grab the single from Total Punk before it’s all gone.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Punk, Punk
Parasite 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Parasite
2.) Shaved Heads

BUY the 7″ from Total Punk Records – won’t be around forever !
Slugga on Bandcamp

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