Cal & the Calories – Bastard in a Yellow Suit 7″

cal and the calories bastard yellow suit 7 total punk 2014

Total Punk Records got off to a solid start in 2015 with a pair of 7″ records. One of them was the third 7″ from CAL AND THE CALORIES, a group that shares members with notable bands Lumpy and the Dumpers and Rat Heart.

Born out of Belleview/St. Louis, all three of those bands are the brainchild of drummer Martin Meyer. He took Lumpy for a full spin in 2014 and now this year looks like it could see the full emergence of Cal. After releasing a previous cassette and another 7″, their latest contains two filth-crusted cuts of slop punk. “Bastard in a Yellow Suit” rattles open with a disheveled shred of guitar, backed by the unmistakable crooning of Cal himself. The rhythm section melts together in a black-colored splatter of grimy fuzz, confirming the completely gross and shoddy tones on this single. “Pain in the Ass” unfolds with some ravaging power chords and muffled drum soloing all while Cal slurs his words like a creep. Listen to the A-side here – you can still get your hands on the 7″ from a couple of places, check out the links below.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi
Bastard in a Yellow Suit 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Bastard in a Yellow Suit
2.) Pain in the Ass

You can still BUY the 7″ from Permanent Records or Manglor Records – get it before it’s gone!

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