Lumpy & the Dumpers – Gnats in the Pisser 7″

lumpy and the dumpers gnats in the pisser 7 total punk 2014

Total Punk Records is set to release their first set of records in 2014. Their newest batch of 7″ vinyl includes the second single from St. Louis-based LUMPY & THE DUMPERS, shoving two sludgy cuts of mutilated punk down our throat.

Gnats in the Pisser comes with a heaping dosage of slimy and disgusted punk slop. Rock-steady drumming carves a path through the blown-out guitar hooks, working up a grungy swell loaded with extra grit and mountains of trash. The track is rounded out with ghoulish vocals and a screeching saxophone solo, and oh my god, it’s the best one we’ve ever heard. “Ghoul” is much darker and murkier in complexion, sounding like we’re stuck in a bubbling vat filled with black tar. Despite the filth Lumpy emerges unscathed from the ravaging textures, rounding out this B-side in the foulest way possible. Be sure to snag this when it’s released on March 10th!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi
Gnats in the Pisser 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Gnats in the Pisser
2.) Ghoul

BUY the 7″ from Total Punk Records on March 10th !
Lumpy and the Dumpers on Bandcamp

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