Golden Pelicans – s/t LP

golden pelicans st lp total punk 2014

After a string of killer 7″ records, Florida’s own rugged sewer punks, the GOLDEN PELICANS, have finally dropped their debut album.

At long last, the Pelicans are back again and they’re bearing their new full length. Total Punk Records releases the album on 12″ vinyl limited to 500 copies and housed in hand-stamped paper sleeves. It’s crammed with eight smoking tracks of ravaging punk, led by the signature scowl of King G. His gravelly vocals spearhead a lethal mix of guitar and bass, delivering this blistering punk in the most pissed-off way possible. “Two Feathers” opens the 12″ with a punchy stomp and fiery guitars, showcasing their pungent sound with a staggering introduction. “Hard to Swallow” closes the album in a searing fit of rage, sustaining their rabid pace with sharp-edged guitars and rollicking rhythms. In the end Golden Pelicans hits like a solid brick wall, condensing an explosive amount of energy into 15-minutes of raw, stampeding fury. Listen now and snag the 12″ before it’s all gone.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Punk, Punk
Golden Pelicans LP: Tracklist:
1.) Two Feathers
2.) White On a Friday Night
3.) Chad and Stacie
4.) Clabber Boys
5.) Turquoise and Silver
6.) New Jersey
7.) Pissin’ in a Puddle of Puke
8.) Hard to Swallow

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