Clearance – Greensleeve 7″ EP

clearance greensleeve 7 microluxe records 2014

CLEARANCE hail from Chicago, who just released their second single on their own Microluxe Records imprint. The first 100 copies of Greensleeve come on green wax, containing five tracks of jangly garage rock.

Through these songs it’s really tough not to want to compare this sound to early Pavement, or even the singing to Stephen Malkmus. They take on a brand of fuzzy alternative pop, comprised of dense guitars and jangly, upbeat rhythms. “Drive-Out” sounds like a form of marginally enthused stoner rock, citing blown-out guitars and squealing solos. It is rounded out by a tambourine jangle, sealed up with a wave of jagged guitar work. “Face the Frontier” closes the single with an added dose of gloom, sounding a bit dreary and strung-out. That changes halfway through with a finale of dueling guitar solos fueled by a psychedelic flare. Find out by listening right below!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Alternative, Indie Rock
Greensleeve 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Close Encounters
2.) She’s a Peach
3.) Drive-Out
4.) Modern Luxe
5.) Face the Frontier

BUY the 7″ from the band on Bandcamp – first 100 on green vinyl !
Clearance on Facebook

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