Frankie and the Witch Fingers – s/t LP

frankie and the witch fingers lp permanent records 2015

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, FRANKIE & THE WITCH FINGERS drop their cataclysmic 12″ debut tomorrow on Permanent Records. The album is home to a scathing new set of LSD-cured garage rock. Continue reading “Frankie and the Witch Fingers – s/t LP”

Bad Axe – Coachman 7″

bad axe coachman 7 permanent records archival release 2014

Permanent Records got their grimy mitts on the original BAD AXE tapes, resulting in this brand new archival 7″. Both of these tracks date back to 1973, but the label has proudly pressed them to vinyl for the very first time in 2014. Continue reading “Bad Axe – Coachman 7″”

Hot Off the Press: Spray Paint, Leather Slave, Acid Baby Jesus, Druggy Pizza

spray paint clean blood regular acid lp monofonus press 2014

Hot Off the Press this week: Austin, TX post-punks SPRAY PAINT have just announced their new album (Monofonus Press), a debut LP from LEATHER SLAVE (Permanent Records), a new 7″ from Grecian psych-punks ACID BABY JESUS (Slovenly Records), and a cassette overflowing with blown-out punk from DRUGGY PIZZA (Dirty Slice Records).

LEATHER SLAVEs/t LP: Permanent Records is set to release this self-titled album from Leather Slave on September 2nd. It comes limited to 300 copies – the first 100 of which are available on oxblood vinyl directly from the label. Hailing from Los Angeles, Leather Slave combine dirgy, grungy guitars with heavy repetition, creating a devastating concoction of blown-out horror-punk that will have you cringing in fear. Their songs are held together by rock-steady drumming and menacing, spoken-word vocals – listen to “Skin Suit” from the LP now.

SPRAY PAINTClean Blood, Regular Acid LP: Released by Monofonus Press, Clean Blood, Regular Acid is the first full length from this Austin trio in 2014. The LP is loaded with striped-down post-punk anthems, built with angular rhythms, wiry guitar plucking and chanted vocals. The sound grows as songs unfold, adding a dose of cringe-worthy guitar racket to layers of lysergic haze. Put simply, these Texans blend their own form of twisted noise-punk – start by listening to “Rest Versus Rust” here.

DRUGGY PIZZAChili Cheese Crust CS: druggy pizza chili cheese crust cs ep dirty slice records 2014 hotp This cassette is the third EP from Druggy Pizza, released in a very short run of 30 copies by the Dirty Slice Records imprint in France. Druggy Pizza is the moniker of Cédric Bottacchi, who is also a member of French garage-punk band Dusty Mush. Listen to the cassette full of explosive, scuzz-fueled punk now. Influences range anywhere from surf-flavored jams to noisy garage rock, creating a weirdly satisfying amalgamation of sounds that will blown your ears clean off.

ACID BABY JESUSVegetable 7″: acid baby jesus vegeable 7 ep slovenly records 2014 hotp Slovenly Records is back with another record from the Grecian psych monsters in Acid Baby Jesus. Crusty, buzz-saw guitars cut through their new single “Vegetable,” wherein you’ll encounter cowbell percussion, colorful synthesizers and nasally vocals to boot. B-side “Brain Damage” comes with an urgent sense of doom, built with melodic guitar leads and a smoky atmosphere. The 7″ prepares us for their upcoming sophomore LP, which will be released by Slovenly Records in 2014.

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