Hello all. In case people were not aware, today the Styrofoam Drone is officially one year old. So much has changed and so much has happened since the first day this blog has started, and since I’m bored, let’s go take a look back through the year and see just how much everything has changed. Along with that, we’ll look at some of what made this year so special as well.

The Styrofoam Drone came into existence on December 17th, 2009.
THIS was the first post ever made
– The funny thing is, this right here wasn’t our original blog. THIS WAS.
– That’s right, I originally started with a Blogspot blog, but I moved to WordPress a day later. I forget why. All in all, I think it was a good choice.

Before making this post:
– There were 290 unique posts on the Drone this year (and still more to come)
– There were 434 comments on posts from this year
– We have covered 11 different categories of musical formats
– We have used 106 different tags to put on music of all genre’s
– Our busiest day resulted in 619 blog hits, happening on Oct. 16th from this post about Panda Bear
– Overall, since Dec. 17th, 2009, the Drone has seen 74,549 total viewers, and I hope this will only continue to grow thanks to all yr support

Other things that took place throughout the year include…
A look back on the year of 2009…
Every show from the year can be found right here, and every video from any show can be found right here
– And how about that day I gave out a bunch of free record downloads? That was actually my birthday. Believe it or not, I still have a ton of them to share with you…

– Don’t forget that post about Record Store Day 2010, that subsequently happened after the (original) busiest day on this blog…
– I speak of nothing other than our feature on Pitchfork that happened last April after a Titus Andronicus show in Philadelphia.
– It was cool to see that video get some viral love
– And who could forget the Drone sponsored VERMILLION SANDS SHOW that took place at the Drone Duplex in Philadelphia? Here’s two other posts about the show – one and two
– See both of the show posters we made here and here

– And how about that chunk of time I spent reviewing for Indiescreet?
– Believe it or not, one of those posts actually (indirectly) ended up on The Guardian in the UK
– And I still think it’s funny that Insound used our review of the Tennis Baltimore 7″ for their description of the record on Insound
– Oh, and please don’t forget to check the cover of our “magazine”

– How could you forget the StyroDrone Guestmix we put together for the Tropical Daze Blog? You can still download that comp. RIGHT HERE – and here’s the original post introducing it.
– There was that day we spent with DOOMSTAR!
– And we were also lucky enough to catch this once in a lifetime event
– Make that TWO once in a lifetime events
– Make that THREE.  In terms of reuniting, I guess this is a once in a lifetime event as well (noticing this now – what a great year for band revival!)

So as far as special moments on the blog go, I think that’s about it. Anything else I come across or remember I will certainly add to this list. Now it’s time for me to thank everybody out there reading this one more time, because without all of you, none of the stuff above would have happened. I want to thank you all for making it a hell of a fun year, (friends and family alike, you know who you are) and I hope you’ll continue to come back. Some things you should be looking forward to now include: the best 7″ records of 2010, the best full lengths of 2010, a few more posts of new music before 2011 is here, and a highly exclusive post about Philly’s own CREEPOID regarding their forthcoming full length album, which will include video and some other goodies…until then, I must say “see you tomorrow”.

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  1. wow, way to miss the party….
    Either way Happy Birthday to the Drone
    ___may you have many more years of MUSIC BRILLIANCE___

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