Free Music Downloads for YOU!!!

YO!!! Today is my 21st birthday!! You know what that means? Free music downloads for all you folks out there!!! And I get to see Pavement tonight!!!

As you can probably guess, I buy a lot of records. Most of those records come with free downloads of the entire record. Instead of using those, I normally rip the records myself (don’t ask why), so I went through my record collection the other day and gathered up all the free download coupons that have been wasting away in my record sleeves (30+). Now I want to pass those downloads on to you readers! Somebody’s gotta make use of them, right? I’m pretty sure most of you guys will, and I’ve got a lot of them to share, so check out the rest of this post for a good bunch of them.

I’m also going to let some of these go via my two Twitter accounts (1 and 2), and my Tumblr account. So if you’re looking for some new music to download, these are the places to check. Just about every last download will be of a record that has been featured here on the Styrofoam Drone, ranging from the most popular bands to the ones that haven’t quite taken the world by storm just yet. Oh yes, also keep in mind that many of these downloads can be download multiple times (usually up to 3), so don’t bail on them because you think you’re too late! Just copy & paste the ‘go to’ link in your browser, and use the codes provided for each individual download! Here’s the first batch:

JEFF the Brotherhood – Mellow Out 7″
go to:
code: DS8R3OPY

Surfer Blood – Astro Coast
go to:
code: s6Aes27K – you’ll need to enter an e-mail address

Pavement – Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement (Record Store Day 2010 Exclusive)
go to:
UPC: 744861093312
code: BEST2722S543 – you’ll need to enter an e-mail address

Happy Birthday – Happy Birthday
go to:
code: i5trqzx2xn26

Cap’n Jazz – Analphabetapolothology
go to:
code: 35714987696

Magic Bullets – Magic Bullets
go to:
code: WS9N4FRCJ3

Mi Ami – Steal Your Face
go to:
code: 6jncxrvm6zd2

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP
go to:
code: 9NRQWCVH – this download requires a Domino Digital account, they tell you what to do

Twin Sister – Color Your Life EP
go to:
code: BEST003LP.1MALqcbsRmg – you’ll need to enter an e-mail address

Double Dagger – More
go to:
code: hj2sqxvbtb43

That’s all the codes I’m going to list on this post, but like I said, there’s PLENTY more. Keep checking my Twitter accounts (1 and 2) and my Tumblr account for even more downloads. If you encounter a problem with any of the codes or anything else above, send me an e-mail and we’ll work something out, styrofoamdrone AT gmail DOT com. Also try talking to me on AIM (yes, people still do that), I’ll probably answer quickest there – IM: StyrofoamDrone.

Talk to ya soon. I’ll try and get some good pics/videos of Pavement tonight @ the Mann, but I don’t think they allow cameras. That usually doesn’t stop me though. See ya!

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