Panda Bear – You Can Count On Me 7″

It’s another 7″ from PANDA BEAR today. That means we must be getting closer to the release of his much-anticipated full length album “Tomboy”, which they say is supposed to drop sometime in the Fall of 2010. Thus far, this is the second installment in a string of 7″ records that are being released up until the full album finally drops. As a quick side note, you can check out the first 7″ right here. With the second 7″ now released, there can’t be that much more time to go, because Winter is just around the corner. Which makes me wonder how many more of these 7-inchers there are still to come. I guess only time will tell, so while we wait, why don’t we check out this new 7″?

Most places across the web already have a decent description of these songs, so I kind of feel redundant going into anything specific. Plus, I have to be at work in under an hour, so I’m not going to go crazy. “You Can Count On Me” is a “gentle duet between Panda Bear and himself, glimmering with third world melodic overtones – an ethereal uplifting number that is over before you become too familiar.” The track barely lasts over two minutes long, so that definitely makes sense. You can hear it for yourself right below. Then flip over to the B-side for the deliciously awesome “Alsatian Darn”. It’s yet another shiny, glimmering track that nearly doubles the length of the first song. Lots of pitter-patter, clapping, and unusually clicking sound effects overshadow the song, bringing thoughts to mind like “What was that?” Be sure to check this one out below too, because it’s shaping up to be quite an awesome full length once it’s finally out. Not sure where you can still pick up this sold out, limited-edition-of-500 7″, but I left you guys with the best links I could find. Good luck!

You Can Count On Me –

Alsatian Darn –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Dub, Pop
You Can Count On Me 7″: Tracklist:
1.) You Can Count On Me
2.) Alsatian Darn

BUY the 7″ from Norman Records – from the UK
Panda Bear on Myspace
Panda Bear – Tomboy 7″ previously posted on the Drone
This is the best I could find on eBay!

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