Vermillion Sands – 20 Hours 7″

What’s up! If you were around at the beginning of last week, then you might remember me saying something about a new Vermillion Sands 7″. While the Sands were on their short tour of the United States, they stopped in Chicago to pick up some of their newly pressed records from Trouble in Mind. Now it’s about time they start to unleash the 7″ to the rest of the world, as they’ve began taking orders for the 7″ from multiple outlets. With this release, it adds yet ANOTHER 7″ to the ever-expanding Vermillion Sands discography, and it comes with one brand new, unheard song.

The A-side features the new song called “20 Hours”, while the B-side is filled out with a re-recorded version of their song “The Last Day” from their full length LP. Right away with the choppy guitar intro on “20 Hours”, you’ll be in familiar Vermillion Sands territory. Relentlessly rolling drums and a bouncing bass line help keep the song in order as Anna and the gang plow on through with fuzzy guitars, cowbell hits, and even a harmonica. That familiar freshly robbed bank feeling is certainly present in these songs, kind of like a bandit who just mounted up on his horse to make his daring escape. Now you just have to make it out alive, or it’s bound to be your LAST DAY. Ha, band joke. Listen to “20 Hours” below, along with the LP version of “The Last Day”, and don’t forget to check out the live videos of the Vermillion Sands playing in the basement. Good times.

20 Hours –

The Last Day (LP Version, not from this 7″) –

My Rating: 6.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Country, Italian
20 Hours 7″: Tracklist:
1.) 20 Hours
2.) The Last Day

Check out the VERMILLION SANDS performing live in Philadelphia
BUY the 7″ either here or here – Limited to 500 on random colored vinyl !
Vermillion Sands on Myspace
All things Vermillion Sands from the Styrofoam Drone

2 thoughts on “Vermillion Sands – 20 Hours 7″

  1. i like it!!! i like it A LOT!!!!
    “freshly robbed bank”~that’s terrific…from the song’s intro i really had that runaway bandit feel!!! it’s awesome stuff

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