A Day w/ DOOMSTAR! – Live in Philadelphia (9/9/10)

Where?: The Millcreek Tavern in Philadelphia, PA
When?: September 9th, 2010

It’s not everyday that you get to meet the people responsible for all those awesome songs you have stuck in your head for days at a time. Well believe it or not, I had that privilege when the fine men who make up DOOMSTAR! came into town just yesterday. In case you’re not aware, DOOMSTAR! is a three-piece band, including Spenser Gralla on guitar and vocals, Jeff Johnson on bass guitar (and awesome stage outfits & beards), while Noah Bond holds down the drum set.

DOOMSTAR! rolled into town in the late afternoon, and then around 5pm or so they headed on over to my place (the Drone Duplex – more on that later…) for some pre-show chilling out and TV watching. After traveling around in somewhat unfamiliar places, it’s probably nice to take a seat and sit back and watch a good bit of “Eastbound & Down”, which is exactly what we did. That show seriously never gets old. I actually have it on in the background as I’m typing this post. We watched something called Animal Hoarders as well, but it doesn’t even come close to the hilarity of Kenny Powers.

DOOMSTAR! hail from Cambridge in Massachusetts, so they had a good bit of information to share about the local band scene, as well as anything cool about the city of Boston and all of the surrounding areas. They’re actually friends with another sick band that has been featured here on the Drone – a band you might know as Girlfriends, and then this band Ski Mask who I would love to get a bit more information on. They also filled me in that when they were finished up with their current tour, they would be heading back into the studio to lay down some fresh new tracks. Totally looking forward to that. We talked about countless other things as well, including their van the “Baby Cave”, their “mid-fi” sound, and the fact that they have a fucking Super Nintendo in their van. I thought that was great. But moving on – their show started promptly at 9pm at the Millcreek Tavern in Philadelphia, and I was there to capture all of the madness on camera. See for yourself after the jump:

Alone – The first video I have for ya’ll comes from the most recent DOOMSTAR! release. It’s a cassette tape entitled “End of the World”, and this is one of the tracks from it. I absolutely love the simultaneous lead guitar/vocal combo of Gralla in this video. The “wahhh-ah-ahhh” really makes you want to get up and move. These guys have an absolute blast on stage though – just look at how hard they rock out. Awesome.

End of the World – Here we go, it’s another song from the same cassette tape I just mentioned, only this time it’s the self-titled track. You might notice Jeff has a different bass in this song compared to the last video – one of his strings broke so the dude from the opening band The Eeries hooked him up with another bass. Come back on a later date and we’ll have more on the Eeries for sure. They’re another local Philly band…

Lily Face – This is the third track from the Rainbow Bloodsucker EP that we covered not too long ago. For the last minute or so these guys just go nuts. Spenser melts our faces with a fucking nasty solo as Noah relentlessly slams away on his drum set. Complete destruction at it’s flat out finest. Wow.

Rainbow Bloodsucker – Personally, this was the moment of the show I was waiting for. The word ‘relentless’ probably works best with this song, but then again it probably works for every other DOOMSTAR! song as well. At least the ones I’ve heard anyway. Jeff and Spenser hop around and slam their feet like there’s no tomorrow while Noah crashes away on the cymbals. Shortly after this song the whole audience knew who their new favorite band was.

Helicopter Pilot – Unfortunately every great time always has to come to an end. This would be the final song of their set, and it comes from their earliest effort known as “Colors”. I have yet to check out the rest of that album, but hopefully that day will come sooner or later. Shortly after the song was over most people probably realized that they couldn’t hear a damn thing, because these guys play LOUD.

That’s all of the face-smashing action I have from the show, but hopefully this won’t be the last time DOOMSTAR! come to town. Like I said earlier, when these guys are finished their tour, they’re going to head back to the studio to get down to business, so for now I guess that’s what we have to look forward to. And one other thing that I haven’t exactly revealed to many people just yet…

All in all it was a great day, and I want to thank DOOMSTAR! for showing me a hell of a good time. I hope you guys enjoy the videos, and I’ll leave you with one last song in case you still need a bit more. I have a ton of pictures from the night as well – just ask if you’d like to see any.

Rainbow Bloodsucker –

Rainbow Bloodsucker EP previously posted on the Drone
DOOMSTAR! on Myspace
DOOMSTAR! on Bandcamp
Check out my YouTube channel for plenty of other videos

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