Fungi Girls – Owsley Knows 7″

The FUNGI GIRLS have been quite busy this year. They had a 7″ on Hozac, another one split with Indian Wars, and now a third from Group Tightener. We’ve got the third one for ya today that came out right before the new year, which should produce great hope from this band come 2011.

Going from that, the next most important thing to tell you is that the Fungi Girls will have a brand new full length record from Hozac Records in 2011. This is definitely exciting news, but we still have a ways to go before that one shows up. To soften the blow of the wait we can check out all the stuff they released from 2010, not to mention this brand new 7″ from Group Tightener that was just dropped.

This thing was just released at the end of November, and it comes packed with two new Fungi Girls tracks that you shouldn’t have heard anywhere else. First up on the A-side is “Owsley Knows” – a garage-rock song at heart covered in a hazy mess of guitar-driven psychedelia that’s bound to drop jaws. The choppy chords flow into each other without any room for flaw while the bouncy bass lines bubble beneath the surface and finally come to the top during the last minute. Adolescent howling and shimmying guitar freak outs come standard in a Fungi Girls song, and they definitely didn’t forget them this time around. Those comforting howls are enough to seal up your love for this song.

Now flip over for “Glare #2”, and things get a bit different. That driving energy from “Owlsey Knows” isn’t as prominent this time around. The tropical rhythm of the drum and springy bass guitar sound stressed and tightly coiled, like this one is about ready to explode at any moment. But there’s no explosion. It’s a slower jam that they rock until the end, which by that time brings more familiar and strung out guitar work to the table. This is kind of similar in terms of song pattern to “Owsley Knows”, but overall musically, it’s completely different. I’ve left you with both sides of the 7″ below, so this way you can see what you think for yourself. And get ready for next week, because it’s basically the last full week of 2010.

Owsley Knows –

Glare #2 –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
Owsley Knows 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Owsley Knows
2.) Glare #2

Fungi Girls Official Website
Fungi Girls on Myspace
BUY the 7″ directly from Play Pinball! Records
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