Fungi Girls – Some Easy Magic

We are pleased to begin yet another week with the brand new album from young Texas psych-poppers FUNGI GIRLS on Hozac Records. This is their second full length to date and this time around they’ve changed things up into an even more memorable, lysergic sound.

Fungi Girls have certainly matured and their hazy, poppy psych rock will prove that for miles. They are definitely ahead of the curve for their ages and you should be able to pick that up almost immediately as this album plays out. Their record features plenty of frantic, wet and dripping psych guitars (“Lucie”, “Honey Face”) that gives songs a melted complexion, while carefully swift drumming and fat, throbbing basses do their job to keep the rhythm section afloat. You will come across various thunderous, crackling noises (“Marv Alien”) and endless adolescent vocal cooing – a definite trademark of the consistent Fungi Girls name by this point in their existence. If you’re looking for an encapsulation of most of these sounds, “Breeze II” or “Sabana Breeze” will answer your questions, where “Sabana Breeze” is a truly sound-defining intro that comes before the real action begins. This is without a doubt the Fungi Girls in a nutshell.

When it comes to pointing out the frantic sections of their record, looks no further than “Velvet Days”. Right from the get-go you pick up spastic, unsettling vibes that carefully tread along a thin line – it only gets crazier when the sun-baked guitar laser beam comes in that surely ignites a flame into this flawless psych-pop nugget. Then look towards the self-titled track “Some Easy Magic”, where you can’t help but pick up an evil surfing vibe. Here you will find splashy drumming and repetitious guitar headed in a face-first downward motion, which then leads us into familiar territory. “Doldrums” is the excellently refined version of the B-side from their earlier 7″ on Hozac, except now things sound much clearer and sharper. A sure album highlight with it’s shuffling psych-pop perfection, that’s pretty much the story for this entire record.

In regards to their first LP, this new collection of songs actually feels like a legitimate full length. Their first didn’t have that same overall compositional feel, however that is certainly not the case this time around. The only complaint anybody might have with this record is it’s eventual length, which doesn’t even reach the thirty minute mark. However in the end this is a characteristically solid album, proving that the consistent Fungi Girls certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon no matter what rumors you heard. Snag the record now from Hozac Records in an edition of 650.

Honey Face –

Some Easy Magic –

Doldrums –

Velvet Days –

My Rating: 8.7/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage, Pop, Lo-Fi, Surf Rock
Some Easy Magic: Tracklist:
1.) Sabana Breeze
2.) Honey Face
3.) Some Easy Magic
4.) Doldrums
5.) Hevrole
6.) Lucie
7.) All Night Blues
8.) Breeze II
9.) Velvet Days
10.) Marv Alien
11.) Young Miss Flora

BUY the LP directly from Hozac – limited to 650, comes w/ free poster !
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