Death By Steamship – S.S. Endurance

Released on Whoa! Boat Records is the debut LP from Seattle based dirt-punks DEATH BY STEAMSHIP. “S.S. Endurance” was released earlier this summer in an edition of 300 and features a solid dose of their burning punk rock.

What you will find here is raunchy, scuzzy and totally raw punk rock with a staggering hardcore twist. High voltage guitars (“Dodge Street Summers”) and a disgruntled attitude are all buried under a block of grungy lo-fi sludge that masks these fiery songs with their intimidating, trashcan like growl. Some of the songs are a little less abrasive than the rest, like the medium paced power punk head-banger “Moorage Fees”, which features a bouncy bass that should definitely get you moving. “Cuter Girls Ride Bikes” follows a similarly less heavy pattern for awhile, beginning with wispy guitars to open things up, however this doesn’t last too long before the heavy, decaying madness sets in to steal the show. A song like this proves they know how to knock you on your ass, but at the same time they come back to pick up the pieces.

As for the rest of the album, “Hipster Holiday” is like their very own punky rendition of what is usually much more peppy surf rock, while “NO401K” is a hard-hitting punk anthem about financial displeasure and shitty jobs. The slow and searing “Diablo y Dinero” features a different twist with some twangy acoustic guitar for added depth, excellently organized in between ground shaking drum onslaughts and blood thirsty guitars. Now snag the LP while it’s still available from Whoa! Boat Records, in an edition of 100 on snow white vinyl or 200 on classic black.

Dodge Street Summers –

Moorage Fees –

Hipster Holiday –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Hardcore, Grunge
S.S. Endurance: Tracklist:
1.) Tangible Things
2.) Dodge Street Summers
3.) Moorage Fees
4.) Cuter Girls Ride Bikes
5.) Hipster Holiday
6.) Diablo y Dinero
7.) NO401K
8.) North Star Blues

BUY the LP directly from Whoa! Boat Records – limited to 300 w/ 100 on white vinyl !
Death By Steamship on Bandcamp – listen to the rest of the LP !

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