Little Big League – Tokyo Drift 7″

Today I am proudly introducing LITTLE BIG LEAGUE who hail from no other than Philadelphia, PA. “Tokyo Drift” is their debut release – a self released, two-track single wielding plenty of promise.

First and foremost, the four members of Little Big League have spent their time in other bands like Post Post, Titus Andronicus, Golden Ages and Strand of Oaks. This helps give us a little bit better of an idea of where they come from, however they don’t follow in the same path of any of these previous bands. They take on a delightful and free-flowing strand of dream pop, comprised of warming guitars and Michelle Zauner’s gorgeous cooing vocals, all mixed into a frothy atmosphere that helps give these songs their dreamy edge. Toward the end of “Tokyo Drift” they unleash some furious guitars that produce a sweeping wave of energy before carefully letting us back down at the end of the track.

On the flipside we’re met by “St. Johns” which quickly offers more of a punch than “Tokyo Drift”. The springy guitars emit a carefree and positive vibe as they bounce along, making this music very easy to listen to and even easier to relax to, which would probably make for an interesting live show. In fact, if you’re from Philadelphia, you can catch Little Big League at Kung Fu Necktie on April 29th – their 7″ will be available for purchase at the show and they’re opening for Kind of Like Spitting.

Tokyo Drift –

St. Johns –

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Pop, Indie Rock
Tokyo Drift 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Tokyo Drift
2.) St. Johns

BUY their 7″ on April 29th at their show with Kind of Like Spitting @ Kung Fu Necktie
Little Big League on Facebook
Little Big League on Bandcamp

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