Fungi Girls – Turquoise Hotel 7″

Back in May, this little gem of a 7″ was released on HoZac Records. The name of the band is FUNGI GIRLS, and this one looks like it’s their debut 7″ record. Neither of the songs from this single were featured on their full-length, so these tracks from the 7″ are about as new as it gets when it comes to Fungi Girls. This 7″ is also about as dynamic as they come, because each side sounds like a different band playing completely different styles of music, but they still manage to do it all with their own unique sound.

The 7″ starts off with a song called “Turquoise Hotel”, and it’s a spastic mess of gritty sounding guitars, constantly rolling drums, and bouncy bass lines. They have a bit of the surf rock sound mixed in as well, but it’s not entirely noticeable at first; you gotta listen a couple of times. If you’re curious, check out their Myspace – it’s the first song they have up there. Now if that song wasn’t enough to catch you off guard, flipping over to the B-side will hopefully do the trick. It’s called “Doldrums”, and it’s completely different from “Turquoise Hotel”. Right away it starts off with a bluesy guitar shuffle, and then the drums join in on the fun. This track is certainly a groovy one, as it brings to mind types of music like swing and jazz. This one was definitely put on here to get you up and outta your seat and dancing along to the beat. Towards the end of the track some jazzy sounding piano (I’ve been informed that it’s a Jaguar guitar being played through a Fender amp) comes into the mix, and shortly after they wrap it all up. You can check out “Doldrums” right below.

Doldrums –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Experimental Rock
Turquoise Hotel 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Turquoise Hotel
2.) Doldrums

Fungi Girls – Official Website!
Fungi Girls on Myspace!
BUY the 7″ directly from HoZac Records
BUY the Fungi Girls full-length from Play Pinball! Records

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