Song of the Day #21: Mount Carmel – “Real Women”

It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve heard from this Columbus, Ohio trio. MOUNT CARMEL are back once again with their sophomore LP Real Women and they’ve taken a huge step forward. Their vintage blues rock sound is still intact and sounds as epic as it always has, except now it would sound as if these guys are at the height of their powers. Songs sound full and highly thought-out, making for a sensible and exhilarating listening journey where once just wouldn’t be enough.

The whole album offers up nine tracks of this totally electrified, heavy blues rock that will only leave you aching for more. “Real Women” is one excellent example of this taking place. High-voltage guitars rain down from the thunderous skies as if the gods were playing the instruments themselves, followed by a rollicking rhythm section that shakes the very foundation of our precious planet. It’s tough not to endorse such an authentic and vintage sound, especially when it’s obvious that the band is putting every last bit of their soul and effort into it. Check out this track below and we should be on the same page soon enough.

Real Women –

Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative

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Mount Carmel on Myspace

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