Ghost Bikini – Spooks 7″ EP

GHOST BIKINI are a fun-loving garage rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Spooks is their debut 7″ being released by the mysterious Ravaging Records which seems to have little information out on the web.

Their 7″ comes three tracks deep drenched in some heavily sloppy sounding reverb, mashing up a handful of genres like garage, punk, surf and maybe even a bit of rollicking country twang thanks to a pulsing song like “Summer Heat.” It’s a ravenous onslaught of crunchy guitars, pummeling bass lines and a raspy harmonica, making for a truly “heated” track that will most definitely have your foot tapping. Aside from a rowdy track like this one, they also take on an evil garage rock sound as heard in “Spooks.” The song features a menacing keyboard paired with the shredded guitar hooks, morphing into a catastrophic breakdown at the end of the track. Following that, “Rage in the Cage” is a straight forward track where the surf rock vibes come on strong, not to mention the call & response boy-girl vocal pairings that makes this thing undeniably catchy.

Listen to the rest of the single on the Ghost Bikini Bandcamp after checking these two songs below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Surf Rock
Spooks 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Spooks
2.) Rage in the Cage
3.) Summer Heat

BUY the music directly from the band on Bandcamp
GHOST BIKINI on Facebook

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