Ty Segall & White Fence Live in Philadelphia (05/18/12)

This past Friday night Ty Segall, White Fence and Teenanger invaded Johnny Brenda’s in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia. It was a night many people probably had marked on their calenders for weeks to come. Teenanger took the stage first and got everybody foaming at the mouth with their stomping punk rock. It was a totally fitting introduction to the show because it certainly got everybody ready to rage. Tim Presley and White Fence would follow up next, which by the end of their set the folks at Johnny Brenda’s were ready to explode. Sure enough, they did just that by the time Ty Segall took the stage. The main event began when Segall arrived and proceeded to tell the crowd, “For the first two songs, we are ‘The Hair.'” Now witness the madness that followed shortly thereafter:

White Fence – Mr. Adams:

Throughout the White Fence set, Tim Presley was clearly the center of attention and rightfully so. In a live setting, White Fence songs seem to last for however long Presley feels like soloing for and that’s exactly what happened.

White Fence – Harness:

This track comes from both the sophomore LP Is Growing Faith and the Harness 7″ on Afterlife Records. It was the last song of the White Fence set for the night and you can see why it deserved it’s own single. What followed next was undoubtedly the main event…

Ty Segall & White Fence – Time:

They start off the set right with the opening track “Time” from Hair. The countdown in the beginning of the song is only a short fuse that leads to certain destruction. I’m pretty sure that by the time this song was finished the crowd behind me had already started going ape-shit.

Ty Segall & White Fence – Scissor People:

Next up was “Scissor People” and this certainly didn’t help anybody calm down. As you can tell from the video it was quite a task to keep the camera from moving in all directions. This is probably the most punishing track included on Hair and fits excellently into the live setting. See for yourself.

Ty Segall – You Make the Sun Fry:

Segall played a good chunk of the most premium tracks from Goodbye Bread. “You Make the Sun Fry” was certainly a good choice this early into the set. A rowdy track like this only helped sustain the wild energy in the room.

Ty Segall – New Song:

Throughout their set, Ty Segall played two brand new songs. This was one of them – before playing, they seemed a bit nervous as Segall told us that “this is a love song.” Clearly there was no reason to be nervous – they shred right on through. Definitely leaves hope for the future as well!

Ty Segall – The Drag:

By this point it was nearly impossible to keep the camera still. People were attempting stage dives and everything as you can see here. “The Drag” should probably be a concert staple for Segall for years to come.

Ty Segall – I Am With You:

This was one of the final songs of the night and another banger from Goodbye Bread. It’s also a bit deceiving. The track starts off slow and easy before spiraling completely out of control and giving us all brain damage (or ear damage, but brain sounds better). Two days later I think my ears still might be ringing. All I know is that I will never miss a show where Ty Segall or White Fence are part of the bill. You shouldn’t either.

There are still plenty of other videos you can view from the show. Check out our YouTube channel to see the rest. Including the ones here, you should be able to find 12 different videos.

“Time” from Hair

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