Superhumanoids – Urgency EP

Hey, hope ya had a good weekend. To start the last full week of 2010, we’re going to take a look at the debut EP from Los Angeles’ SUPERHUMANOIDS. Coming out back in July, this is quite an ambitious start for a band who just got their foot in the door.

Considering it’s an EP, the length is probably not as long as you would hope. All of the songs are relatively short, falling between two to four minutes a piece per track. Although they’re short, each song gets its point across beautifully, so well in fact that any extra time would probably only make them overdue their already focused sound, to a point where things might get stale quicker.

Speaking of that, as far as their sound goes, Superhumanoids have a ton going for them. For one, their music in general dances on a fine line between being electronically dominated and instrumentally dominated. There’s never a time where you’ll think one is overpowering the other, which makes for a great balance of sound that probably goes without saying. The second characteristic of their unique sound comes within each track on the EP. The songs sound as if they’re screened behind a curiously thick layer of smokey haze – in other words, they have a mysterious vibe pinned to them that certainly helps create a highly enjoyable listen and should definitely keep you coming back for more.

Opening track “Persona” (which you can hear below) is a beautiful start to everything. Those mysterious vibes are already present as soon as the song starts, and this should leave you drooling to hear everything else that comes after the track. The song progressively gets larger and larger to the point where you just can’t deny it on any level. Not being able to deny songs is key when it comes to this band, because the EP is basically just that from beginning to start. Skipping ahead to “Simple Severin” (which is also below), this is yet again undeniable pop perfection. Wonky, punchy bass lines almost give this song a legitimate post-punk quality, but the blissful beeping and textured electronics interrupt those thoughts, hereby proving that these guys do indeed walk the line of balancing electronics and instrumentation.

Do yourself a HUGE solid and check out the rest of the EP right here on the Superhumanoids Soundcloud. Not only can you listen to the rest, but you can download each of the tracks. So just make sure to say your thank you’s, and enjoy the rest of yr day.

Persona –

Simple Severin –

My Rating: 8.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Pop
Urgency EP: Tracklist:
1.) Persona
2.) Cranial Contest
3.) Hey Big Bang
4.) Contemporary Individual
5.) Simple Severin
6.) Dangerous Strangers

Superhumanoids on Myspace
Superhumanoids – Official Website
BUY the EP directly from Insound – Limited to 300 on RED vinyl !

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