Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 – Live in Philadelphia (8/20/10)

Who?: Dean Wareham w/ Dean & Britta backing band performing Galaxie 500 w/ Crystal Stilts
Where?: The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA
When?: August 20th, 2010

Yo. So last night was quite the magical night. Dean Wareham and his band stopped by in Philadelphia to play some songs for us, but not just any old songs. They didn’t play Luna. They didn’t play Dean & Britta. So you only really have one more guess. That’s right. Dean Wareham played Galaxie 500 songs last night and it was nothing short of breathtaking. Before this show I never thought I would have lived to see the day where these songs are performed, but luckily for me I was sadly mistaken. Crystal Stilts opened for the night (although I was too late for them – damn!) and then Dean Wareham and his band took the stage. He was backed by his bandmates from the Dean & Britta band, and they played all of our favorite Galaxie 500 songs, with all the simplicity and honesty that you could ever hope for.

For starters, Dean Wareham actually did a great job hitting those high notes he did over 20 years ago when they recorded the Galaxie 500 albums. Not only that, but I’m sure his guitar playing (as you would probably expect) has only gotten better over the years, so when it came time for a nasty solo or something like that, Dean was right there to melt our faces off (see “When Will You Come Home” video clip below). As a quick side note, I shot minimal video because I wasn’t using my usual trusty camcorder. They don’t allow camcorders @ the Troc so my hands were tied. I used my digital camera to get these videos before the batteries gave out, so just bear with the quality. As far as I’m concerned, it’s better than nothing!

When Will You Come Home – Now I know this isn’t the entire song, but I didn’t want to drain my batteries just yet. I figured I’d catch the ending half of the song when Wareham melts our faces, and sure enough he does just that. What a damn-good song. Now if only they played Ceremony…

Ceremony – Oh wait! They did! How could I forget?? Just kidding, of course. As I kind of expected – If we were going to get this song, it was probably going to be last, and sure enough they played it at the end of their encore. People starting yelping out “Ceremony” when they saw Dean apply the capo to his guitar. Watching this video still gives me the jitters, hearing this last night was beyond unreal. Many people (including myself) never thought last night would become a reality. There was a guy standing nearby me who kept saying something like “We’ve been waiting”. He’s not kidding!!!

So all in all, I think you can figure out that it was a fantastic night. I’m not sure if any of you saw my G500 post the other day in honor of this show, but believe it or not, Dean actually confirmed some of my drugs comments in certain songs last night on stage. I mentioned I thought he had taken drugs for the song “Strange”, and sure enough before they played the song last night Dean says something about taking acid and going to the drug store. Now all his thoughts totally make sense! He also gave us some insights on the songs “Decomposing Trees” and “Blue Thunder”.

Apparently “Decomposing Trees” is about when Wareham and some friends took some acid in a brand new city, went to the stream, and then he thought his toes were talking to him. He walked up-stream a bit and found an old ax and begun swinging it around (while making a joke about how that’s not a good thing to do on acid), and then proceeded to tell us that the ax came off the handle and almost hit his friend Graham. Talk about a horror story (especially while on acid), but good thing they avoided that one. He also mentioned how his blue Dodge was named after the movie “Blue Thunder”, hence the track name “Blue Thunder”. Interesting stuff though – I just couldn’t believe he told us that stuff a day after I was talking about it here on the Drone. If you don’t believe me read this post. So technically I’m already late for work this morning so I’ll leave you with two last things. One: a link to all the pictures I took from the show, and two: Galaxie 500 songs for you to listen to and enjoy.

PS – I have one last thing that I almost totally forgot about. I was lucky enough to snag a setlist off the stage last night when the show was over for all you curious-folk. Check it!

1.) Flowers
2.) Pictures
3.) Temperature’s Rising
4.) Snowstorm
5.) Decomposing Trees
6.) Strange
7.) Hearing Voices
8.) Blue Thunder
9.) Summertime
10.) When Will You Come Home
11.) Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste
12.) Fourth of July
13.) Tugboat
14.) Ceremony

When Will You Come Home –

Tugboat –

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Dean & Britta on Myspace
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3 thoughts on “Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 – Live in Philadelphia (8/20/10)

  1. Sounds fantastic – I was lucky enough to see Galaxie 500 a few times back in the day and they’re shows I’ll never forget (and could never be repeated) but I’m glad Dean is going back to them. Hearing Luna (and latterly D&B) cover Galaxie 500 songs was always a treat so a whole show…

    They’re bringing it to London in December – that’s such a long wait!

    1. ah you can do it man! just sit tight and the show will be around before you know it. thanks for checking this stuff out though. I’m just jealous that I’ll probably never see the real, authentic Galaxie 500. definitely can’t complain after what I saw last night though!

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