Brainwashed Youth – The Trilogy 7″

Released by Richie Records and TestosterTunes in Philadelphia comes the second 7″ single from BRAINWASHED YOUTH. It’s a hilariously unique cut of unfocused foolishness and sloppy-heavy guitar punk mixed up into one lone record.

So these guys have a debut single somewhere else out there in the land of the Internets, but I have yet to come across that. Apparently that single was a “boneheaded statement of defiance and thuggery”, and it was titled “Life of Crime”. Said best by the dudes at Richie Recs. and TestosterTunes, it actually should have been called “Hooligans with Guitars”, and if it’s anything like this brand new 7″ called “The Trilogy”, then god damn were they right.

This 7″ is packed to the teeth with some of the funniest music I’ve heard this year (actually making me laugh out loud at points), but it seems to straddle the line of being serious and completely joking around – it’s hard to tell if they only care to make you laugh, or if they’re actually attempting to be a band. If that tracklist below is any indication, it sounds like these guys are just playing games. Parts of the 7″ feature the dudes in the band talking and singing the “English Country Garden” song in funny accents (and fucking gargling – I heard that) but that’s not all. Heavy punk guitar savagery, crashing drums, and blood curdling screams greet you around every corner (when it’s an actual song), but the real highlight comes in the final minutes of the B-side. They call it their “reggae” song, but really it’s dudes talking in ridiculous Indian accents thanking each other for letting them into America, talking about big dicks and smoking cocaine – which they then remember is “crack”, which is also when the 7″ ends. Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of all that, but if anything you should have at least gotten a cheap laugh for two.

This 7″ is the kind of “special” your mom tells you you are when you’re three years old sitting in a car seat – “Yes of course you’re special honey, you’re my little baby” – like you just hung a new picture from art class up on the fridge and are now getting a congratulatory pat on the head. “Good job on your new 7″ son, it sounds like my ears were just brutally raped.”

Below are the songs that should give you best taste of what the entire 7″ is like – which is somewhere between month-old skunked beer and the smell of a dead rotting carcass in the heat of the blistering sun.

Kids I Don’t Wanna Have –

English Country Garden/ No Sun No Rise No Good No Tomorrow, Okay –

Brainwashed Reggae Song –

My Rating: 4/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock
The Trilogy 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Kids I Don’t Wanna Have
2.) Dad, Dad Give Me My Fucking Allowance
3.) Antagonist
4.) English Country Garden/ No Sun No Rise No Good No Tomorrow, Okay
5.) Brainwashed Reggae Song

BUY the 7″ directly from Richie Records/ Testoster Tunes – just Paypal their e-mail $7
You can buy it from Midheaven as well

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