PAVEMENT Live in Philadelphia (9/17/10)

Well, first off, I’d like to say one thing – I was TOTALLY wrong about the Mann Center allowing cameras at the show. People were snapping pictures and filming videos left and right like it was their jobs. This made me VERY upset, because I didn’t bring along ANY of my cameras or camcorders, and for this I apologize. I would’ve been able to film vids and snap pics with no sweat whatsoever. Maybe we’d be watching a live video of the song “Grounded” (because it was fucking awesome) right now if I had brought my camera. Seriously, I could have had front row, ‘Class A’ videos to share with you guys today. Instead I have a couple of mediocre (but right up to the stage) pictures I snapped with my cell phone. And quite frankly, the fact that I didn’t get any videos totally urks me. Basically I feel like I let ya’ll down. I didn’t lose any sleep over the matter, but still – I didn’t get any videos when I could have. A once in a lifetime happening – seeing fucking Pavement with a fourth row, pit seat. Huge-ultra-mega-bummer. Oh well, I’ll make double the effort for footage when I see them again next weekend at the Central Park Summerstage in New York Cityyyy. It won’t be nearly as easy to get as close as I was last night, but I’ll do what I can.

They definitely didn’t disappoint when it came to the music though. They played for nearly two hours, and they came back for two different encores. They covered a ton of different songs ranging from all of their five studio albums, but they definitely ignored “Terror Twilight” the most. Some songs that I can remember them playing were Silence Kit, Stop Breathin’, Cut Your Hair, Gold Soundz, Range Life, Stereo, Shady Lane, Date w/ IKEA, Starlings of the Slipstream, Trigger Cut, Conduit for Sale!, Two States, Here, Box Elder, Spit on a Stranger, We Dance, Rattled by the Rush, Grounded, Grave Architecture, and Fight This Generation.

I know there’s a few more mixed in there that I missed, so if you were at the show and remember some others, leave a comment and share your experience! And I’ve got a couple more pictures for you guys below that I took with my camera. Mind you, they’re not the greatest quality, but they’ll suffice. Cell phone cameras can only do so much. Also uploaded some Pavement songs at the last minute, so check those out. All in all it was a great show, and probably the most awesome way I can think to spend my 21st birthday. Fucking Pavement.

PS – I still have more record downloads for everybody. Keep checking back here and on my Tumblr for that.

Date w/ IKEA –

Rattled by the Rush –

Cut Your Hair –

4 thoughts on “PAVEMENT Live in Philadelphia (9/17/10)

  1. the photo’s are great (especially for a celly), don’t sweat not catching video, concerts and performances are most about the musical experience. Nowadays people are a little too caught up in recording the moment. They don’t really seem to enjoy the experience of watching and listening to great music :/ If anything one can tell that you really had fun. I mean for you’re 21st that’s badass.
    ~Music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every day
    I saw another one just the other day
    A special new band
    I remember lying
    I don’t remember a line
    I don’t remember a word
    But I don’t care, I care, I really don’t care
    Did you see the drummer’s hair?

  2. my wife & i were at that show. we, too, didn’t bring any cameras…then saw guys setting up tripods in the balcony (we were front row of the balcony, center stage). pavement KILLED it, with a great mix of the “hits”. i will say that kurt vile’s set did absolutely nothing for me. we were bummed that we didn’t see one of the dates with no age opening…

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