Styrofoam Drone presents: the VERMILLION SANDS (In Philly!)

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! I am absolutely ecstatic to reveal to you that thee VERMILLION SANDS will be coming to tour these United States in the coming days at the end of September and the beginning of October, and their stop in Philadelphia on October 2nd will be presented to you by no other than the Styrofoam Drone – along with some awesome friends who are also helping to put the show together. That’s right. They’re coming out here initially for the Gonerfest in Memphis, and then they will be coming to the East coast to play some dates. They needed one more show between their NYC date and their Baltimore date, so what better place to play then Philadelphia?

So I’ll just repeat that one more time. On October 2nd @ the Drone Duplex (Park Ave. & Dauphin St. in North Philly) Italy’s own VERMILLION SANDS will be playing along with local Philly favorites OMAR and FACTORS OF FOUR. “THIS IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL.” Everyone in the area should definitely come out and support, as well as people who aren’t from the area! The show will begin promptly at 8pm, and the cover charge won’t be any more than $5.00 – but please understand, these guys need to get back to Italy a few days after the show, so no bullshit when it comes to the price. Seriously though, this is happening, and you really should come. This is the first of shows we’re presenting here at the Styrofoam Drone, and hopefully this won’t be the last. So please come out. October 2nd, Park Ave. & Dauphin St. in North Philadelphia, about two blocks off Temple’s campus. In case you’re not sure about who the Vermillion Sands are, check out the songs and all VS posts from the past right below. Thanks! See you at the show!

Mary –

Miss My Gun –

I’m a Little Mixed Up –

Wake Me When I Die –

The Last Day –

Facebook Event page for the Show – please RSVP!

Past Vermillion Sands Posts:
Mary 7″
Miss My Gun EP
In the Wood 7″
Something Wrong 7″
and their full-length, Vermillion Sands
and the Vermillion Sands on Myspace

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