Vermillion Sands – Live in Philadelphia (10/2/10)

Who?: Vermillion Sands w/ Omar, Factors of Four and Slutever
Where?: The Drone Duplex in Philadelphia, PA
When?: October 2nd, 2010

This past Saturday night was quite a good time. Before I go any further, I want to thank everybody that came out to party and enjoy the show, because it turned out to be a memorable night. Since it all went over without any issues, we can only hope that there will be another show in the very near future!! The Vermillion Sands enjoyed their stay in Philly, and we’re glad they came out to play their bandit style garage rock for us. They were super psyched to be playing at a house party, too, because I think they were ready for some fun. Last night was the last night of their tour, and it ended in Baltimore. Now I think the band is hanging out in the US for a little bit before heading back to Italy. Here’s how Saturday night went down, after the jump:

Miss My Gun – This is the title track from their EP that came out on Sacred Bones. I think this was their second song of the night, maybe? Listen to him tear up that lead guitar! He’s already rocking out by the three second mark!

I’m a Little Mixed Up – This is another song from the same EP, except this is a cover song. It was originally performed by Betty James back in 1961. Maybe it originally came out on this 7″ right here? Either way, this is certainly an awesome cover, and a fitting song for the Vermillion Sands to take on. Check it out below at the end of this post.

Wake Me When I Die – This song of theirs appeared on their first 7″, called “Mary”. Now it’s the third track on their full-length LP from Alien Snatch! You can check out that awesome LP right here. Joe, you sound great in this one. Why are all of these songs so much fun?

Mary – Yes! I know a few people were dying to hear this song the other night. You can hear everybody screaming along at certain points. This is such a great song. The crashing chorus break down is so much fun, and it screams party time. Perfect too, because that’s basically what the night was. These guys put on a hell of a show…

Something Wrong – Unfortunately, this was their final song of the night. This track comes from the A-side of their 7″ single from the Hell Yes! label out of Italy. Yet another great song with a fun sing-along chorus and squealing guitars for all to enjoy.

Hopefully the Vermillion Sands will be back in US soon enough to tour again. They left me with a new 7″ that came from the Trouble in Mind label out of Chicago, so you can be sure we’ll check that out soon enough. While yr still here, check out both of the songs below from their Hell Yes! 7″ that came out this past March, along with the cover of “I’m a Little Mixed Up.” Follow this link here to my Tumblr for another handful of awesome videos from the show.

Something Wrong –

Mother of Earth –

I’m a Little Mixed Up –

Vermillion Sands on Myspace
Omar on Bandcamp
Factors of Four on Myspace
Slutever on Myspace

10 thoughts on “Vermillion Sands – Live in Philadelphia (10/2/10)

  1. SERIOUSLY this show was incredible…if you weren’t there you should make sure to be at the next one. Literally good times had by all

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