Song of the Day #48: Night Sins – “To London or the Lake”

night sins to london or the lake lp avant records 2013 sotd

AVANT! Records in Bologna, Italy takes pleasure in bringing us the sophomore LP from Philadelphia’s own sinister electronic dark-wave artist NIGHT SINS. Night Sins in the alias of Kyle Kimball, who also released his debut LP New Grave on AVANT! last year. The album sees Kimball in his comfort zone, penning eight new tracks that show off a more focused and clean-cut sound. Album single “To London or the Lake” heads the charge, driven by a murky lead guitar hook that calls all the shots. It’s burdened by a wave of warbled, neon-colored synth beams, sounding both icy and creepy as Kimball croons through the shadows. His voice sounds like a wispy vapor, soaring and whipping through the track along with the constant, dance-inflected squeal of the guitar. In the end the sound works out to be a sort of electronic hybrid, using elements like traditional guitars along with synthesizers for the best of both worlds. Listen below and watch the music video, then head on over to AVANT! Records to grab the LP!

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Ethereal, Gravewave

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Ausmuteants – Amusements

ausmuteants amusements lp 2013 aarght records

Aarght Records in Melbourne just released the debut LP from Geelong/Melbourne synth-punk four-piece AUSMUTEANTS. Amusements is twelve tracks of synth-heavy garage pop, honing in on the sound from their earlier 7″ singles on Anti Fade and Heinous Anus.
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Song of the Day #36: Trust – “Divine”

trust divine sotd dressed for space ep arts and crafts 2012

This previously unheard track comes as part of an EP titled Dressed for Space that Arts & Crafts dropped back in September. “Divine” is the newest material we’ve heard from TRUST since their debut LP TRST dropped back in early 2012 in February, so it’s about time we got around to sharing this. There’s no clear-cut answer, but “Divine” sounds like a track that was created before their debut album ever came out (much like “Not a Waste of Sky” from the Sacred Bones Records Todo Muere compilation). Driven by woozy synth textures, shimmering electronics and feelings of paranoia, Robert Alfons glides through the track with his particularly haunting slur, wielding a voice that by now we’d have to say is largely unmatched. As all of these hypnotic elements merge together toward the end of the track, it’ll be hard to shake this one from your memory – you’ve been warned.

Listen to “Divine” right below! If that isn’t enough, there’s a ton of related links below and it also looks like Arts & Crafts just dropped another digital EP from Trust on the 22nd.

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Synth Pop, Ethereal, Dance

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