Kam Kama – The Tiled House EP

Kam Kama of Bloomington, Indiana are about to release their debut EP. It’s titled “The Tiled House” and it’s being released through Sister Cylinder records. Kam Kama began playing shows in October of 2010. Over the past few years then they have cultivated a synth-heavy post-punk sound packed tightly with layer upon layer of haunting melodies and cathartic despair. Their dark and melancholic sound will be agreeable to any fans of Joy Division, The Smiths, or Echo and The Bunnymen.

The guitars sound distant and foreboding, crafting a dark and gloomy sound-scape. The rhythm section is surprisingly heavy and driving, but the drums are purposely made to sound removed as if they were playing from the next room over or broadcast through an old AM radio. The Synth sits front and center in the mix adding a supernatural howl to the recording. The Vocals come across as slightly restrained but highly threatening which helps to emphasize Kam Kama’s mix of angst and melancholy. Lyrically the songs are rather cryptic but there are consistent overtones of loneliness and isolation that runs through each track adding a bit of thematic cohesion to the record.

Halfway Motel –

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, New Wave, Alternative
The Tiled House 12″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Halfway Motel 02:20
2.) Called Up 01:53
3.) Means 03:28
4.) The Living 03:06
5.) Shaky Convalescent 02:19
6.) San Miguel 03:35

This 12inch E.P. will be available on vinyl February 6th. It will be a limited edition pressing of 300 records. You can pre-order a copy now. Until then you can hear the record at their bandcamp page. You can download the entire digital album for three dollars or stream it for free: http://kamkama.bandcamp.com

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