Teledrome – Double Vision 7″ EP

TELEDROME hails from Calgary in Alberta, Canada. The debut 7″ “Double Vision” takes on a form of retro, toxic synth pop that balances on a thin line between punk rock and cold-wave electronics.

Teledrome offer us a challenging sound, combining both electronics and instrumentation for a truly stunning musical hybrid. Track two “Lazarus” shows this phenomenon excellently, driven by grungy, shredded punk chords and the fluorescent glimmer of those retro and icy sounding synth leads. Those elements don’t take long to get their point across either, sealing up a picture-perfect synth pop track in under two minutes. Elsewhere on the EP we’re reminded of this as we go. Take “Replacements” for example, which shows chilling synth waves under the grungy bass lines and punk-inflected guitars. This nearly helps bring a band like Nice Face to mind.

Closing track “Non Future” seems to have a bit more of a pop edge sprinkled into the mix. The quick, bubbly guitar blasts fit perfectly between the beat of the electronic drumming, with the rest of the track being clouded by a mystified aura that creates a palpable atmosphere. It’s probably worth mentioning that the single comes from the one and only Hozac Records, which now answers your question on how this stuff is so good. Check out these tracks from the single below and don’t forget to grab one from Insound – first press is limited to 475!

Lazarus –

Replacements –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Synth Pop, Punk, Lo-Fi, Electronic
Double Vision 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Double Vision
2.) Lazarus
3.) Dial Tone
4.) Replacements
5.) Non Future

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – limited to 475 !
Teledrome on Bandcamp

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