Big Star – Live in Memphis

big star live in memphis lp omnivore recordings 2014

The story of Memphis’ BIG STAR is a tragic and ultimately triumphant one – a group that managed to conjure transcendent rock music in the face of bad distribution deals and commercial indifference. The story of Big Star’s rise from obscurity to posthumous cult fame is a tale that’s now oft been told. For the uninitiated, 2012’s documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is an excellent place to start (add it to your Netflix queue, if you haven’t already). Continue reading “Big Star – Live in Memphis”

Wand – Ganglion Reef

wand ganglion reef lp god records 2014

WAND are yet another group in the latest of bumper crop neo-psychedelic wunderkinds. Their debut album Ganglion Reef is like some kind of genetically engineered and overgrown mutant pumpkin. From just the right sprinkling of Barrett-era Floyd to the chugging Blue Cheer-isms, it’s an album that sticks the landing on more occasions than not. Released on Ty Segall’s now established GOD? imprint (which is available via Drag City), it’s a driving and at the same time cosmically-inclined set of songs. Continue reading “Wand – Ganglion Reef”

Skygreen Leopards – Family Crimes

skygreen leopards family crimes lp 2014 woodsist

Family Crimes is the latest entry in the SKYGREEN LEOPARDS’ growing discography. The band, which is comprised of Donovan Quinn (who is also a collaborator with Ben Chasny as part of the group NEW BUMS) and Glenn Donaldson, trace their origins back to the psych CD-R boom of the late 1990’s as a part of the Jewelled Antler collective. Family Crimes follows the bands’ trajectory following their last album, the country-flavored Disciples of California. It reveals a band that continues to refine their vision and scope. Continue reading “Skygreen Leopards – Family Crimes”

Cousins – The Halls Of Wickwire LP

cousins halls of wickwire lp ba da bing hand drawn dracula 2014

COUSINS are a garage pop duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia, whose music plays considerably brighter and more summery than the cold, wet part of the world they hail from. Their third album, The Halls Of Wickwire, just dropped on Ba Da Bing and Hand Drawn Dracula Records. Continue reading “Cousins – The Halls Of Wickwire LP”

Song of the Day #52: The Young – “Metal Flake”

young chrome cactus lp matador records 2014

On August 28th Matador Records will release the third album from Austin, TX four-piece THE YOUNG. “Metal Flake” is the debut single from the LP they’re calling Chrome Cactus. The track is a seriously psyched-out burner, built around an assault of heavy guitars and pounding rhythms. Hans Zimmerman slithers through the track with a whispered tone, leading us straight into high-voltage guitar solos and beams of colorful haze. Listen to the arena-sized track below via YouTube and get ready for the rest of the LP come August 28th… you know you want to.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Psychedelic

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Mike Adams At His Honest Weight – Best Of Boiler Room Classics

mike adams at his honest weight best of boiler room classics 2014 flannelgraph records

I can relate to the bespectacled guy staring back at me from the cover of MIKE ADAMS AT HIS HONEST WEIGHT’S new album, Best of Boiler Room Classics. Here’s a guy who I’m guessing is in his mid-thirties and according to the press release is a new father (one who has recently been through some very personal battles for the life of his new son). Continue reading “Mike Adams At His Honest Weight – Best Of Boiler Room Classics”