Beverly – Careers

beverly careers lp kanine records 2014

BEVERLY is the beachy brainchild of Avan Lava’s Drew Citron and former Vivian Girls drummer Frankie Rose. Their debut LP, Careers, just dropped on Kanine records, with ten tracks that nod to 90s lo-fi pop.
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Qúetzal Snåkes – Lovely Sort Of Death EP

quetzal snakes lovely sort of death 12 ep howlin banana records 2014

QÚETZAL SNÅKES are a quintet out of Marseilles, France, who recently made their spacey, psych-driven debut with a six-song EP, out now on Howlin Banana Records and Retard Records in France. Continue reading “Qúetzal Snåkes – Lovely Sort Of Death EP”

Digital Leather/ The Hussy – Southpaw Split 12″

hussy digital leather southpaw records split 12 lp 2014

DIGITAL LEATHER and THE HUSSY come from fairly different worlds musically, but their new split 12-inch, out now on Southpaw Records, is a solid pairing. Taken as a whole, the blend of electronic minimalism and garage clamor feels more like a collaborative effort than two distinct sides, making for a gratifying listen. Continue reading “Digital Leather/ The Hussy – Southpaw Split 12″”

Dark Blue – Just Another Night With The Boys 7″

dark blue just another night with the boys 7 jade tree 2014

Philadelphia punk and hardcore bands have a reputation for being generous with their members. The latest supergroup to emerge from the city of brotherly love is DARK BLUE, a post-hardcore trio whose members play or have played with Paint It Black, Clockcleaner, Purling Hiss, Ceremony, and Puerto Rico Flowers. The band’s debut 7″ drops on Jade Tree July 15th, and they’ve got a full-length due out shortly after. Continue reading “Dark Blue – Just Another Night With The Boys 7″”

Cousins – The Halls Of Wickwire LP

cousins halls of wickwire lp ba da bing hand drawn dracula 2014

COUSINS are a garage pop duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia, whose music plays considerably brighter and more summery than the cold, wet part of the world they hail from. Their third album, The Halls Of Wickwire, just dropped on Ba Da Bing and Hand Drawn Dracula Records. Continue reading “Cousins – The Halls Of Wickwire LP”

The Wavelengths – s/t CS EP

wavelengths st cs rubber brother records 2014

THE WAVELENGTHS are a new four-piece based out of Tempe, Arizona. Their self-titled debut EP, out now on Rubber Brothers Records, rolls into shore with eight neurotic psych-pop tracks that blend inventive songcraft with garage raucousness. Continue reading “The Wavelengths – s/t CS EP”