Wild Raccoon – Mount Break CS

snookys junk food lp one chord wonder 2014

Our friends at Howlin’ Banana Records specialize in fuzz-fueled rock from all across Europe. Their next release is Mount Break, a cassette from one-man band WILD RACCOON from Lille, France.
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Qúetzal Snåkes – Lovely Sort Of Death EP

quetzal snakes lovely sort of death 12 ep howlin banana records 2014

QÚETZAL SNÅKES are a quintet out of Marseilles, France, who recently made their spacey, psych-driven debut with a six-song EP, out now on Howlin Banana Records and Retard Records in France. Continue reading “Qúetzal Snåkes – Lovely Sort Of Death EP”

Travel Check – $66 7″ EP

travel check ep 2 howlin banana records 2014

After dropping one of our most recommended singles in 2013, TRAVEL CHECK come back strong with their second 7″ release, an EP simply titled $66. It’s again released by Howlin’ Banana Records, which is based in Paris along with the four members of the band. Continue reading “Travel Check – $66 7″ EP”