Mountain Bike – Early Recordings CS

mountain bike early recordings cs howlin banana 2014

Howlin’ Banana Records in Paris is at it again. They released a cassette full of demos from Brussels band MOUNTAIN BIKE, who also just released an LP on Humpty Dumpty Records.

Early Recordings is a half hour of demo material, comprised of 8 diverse psych-punk burners. The band blends fiery psych rock with punk energy, also mixing in a bit of blues and folk for a rugged, complex sound. It’s right on point for the Paris-based label, which continues to prove why it’s one of the best in the business.

“Everything But a Gift” opens the cassette with a bubbly pop-punk stomp. Guitars are coated in crusty skuzz but sound sharp and melodic, creating a wiry guitar hook to drive the song. “Nothing At All” slows everything down to a foot-dragging stagger, blending a bit of moody blues into the picture. The track gains momentum as bass lines swell and percussion begins to crash, progressively growing louder and heavier. The folksy “Chinese Food” unfolds smoothly with nasally guitar strums, all engulfed in a frothy haze. All that being said, Mountain Bike have a slew of influences going into their sound and you need to hear it. NEED.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
Early Recordings CS: Tracklist:
1.) Everything But a Gift
2.) Nothing At All
3.) Torture
4.) Chinese Food
5.) Is That All About Money
6.) Hanging Around
7.) Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World
8.) Got Power

BUY the cassette from Howlin’ Banana Records !
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