Wild Raccoon – Mount Break CS

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Our friends at Howlin’ Banana Records specialize in fuzz-fueled rock from all across Europe. Their next release is Mount Break, a cassette from one-man band WILD RACCOON from Lille, France.

These one-man bands don’t turn up too often, but Raton Sauvage is the man behind this fuzz, wielding just his guitar, “foot drums” and a whole load of reverb. His psych-flavored guitar tones quiver and rumble under the weight of said reverb, with Sauvage occasionally lighting a fire to create a thick, buzzing cloud of seething guitar fuzz (“I Said We Said We Said”). Tape opener “Next Summer” starts off discordant and distant before taking shape with the jangle of the tambourine, led by a stream of guitar that can’t make up its mind between bubbly and blitzing. “I Said We Said We Said” exposes us to that thick buzz again, as if you were just baked right under the sun and now have a crispy outer layer. The track starts cool and cavernous like rock n’ roll from prehistoric times before the grungy hooks start hitting hard and heavy. They’re right on time, falling like a ton of bricks while Sauvage howls over the flames.

“Weapon of Love” unfolds as a little pop ditty with bright guitar plucks, eventually capped by an enveloping beam of trashy guitar heat. “Rain Drops” is the undisputed summer anthem, perfect for all those windows-down moments on the highway. Rhythmic hooks are glowing and invigorating, backed by a marching beat that pushes the track forward without a second thought. “True Love Will Find You In the End” brings to mind a Pure X track, boasting wobbly guitars with simple but effective melodies. Sauvage eventually awakens from the daze, finds his footing and it turns into another staggering garage dragger. “Fries n Chocolate” closes the tape with nearly 10 minutes of skin-blistering fuzz. A bluesy swagger leads the way while speckled guitars twang, throb and pop in all of their electrifying glory – just make sure your foot is ready to tap for 11 minutes. Now listen to these choice cuts below.

Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Surf Rock, Garage Rock
Mount Break CS: Tracklist:
1.) Next Summer
2.) Fuck Fuck the Bankers
3.) Montreal Gets the Blues
4.) I Said We Said We Said
5.) Weapon of Love
6.) Wild Animal Rising
7.) Rain Drops
8.) To Build a Fire
9.) True Love Will Find You In the End
10.) Fries n Chocolate

BUY the CS from Howlin’ Banana Records – there’s a CD too
Wild Raccoon on Facebook

One thought on “Wild Raccoon – Mount Break CS

  1. Really digging their sound… Words alone can’t do justice to this album—one of my favorites for the year!!

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