Digital Leather/ The Hussy – Southpaw Split 12″

hussy digital leather southpaw records split 12 lp 2014

DIGITAL LEATHER and THE HUSSY come from fairly different worlds musically, but their new split 12-inch, out now on Southpaw Records, is a solid pairing. Taken as a whole, the blend of electronic minimalism and garage clamor feels more like a collaborative effort than two distinct sides, making for a gratifying listen. Continue reading “Digital Leather/ The Hussy – Southpaw Split 12″”

Friday’s Find: Advlts – s/t 7″ EP

advlts 7 ep southpaw records 2014

The four members of Maryland punk band ADVLTS grew up shredding in various Baltimore bands throughout the ’90s. They began as a joke, when they reunited to cover punk songs for friends, but then started practicing and playing shows, which led to their debut record. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Advlts – s/t 7″ EP”