Skygreen Leopards – Family Crimes

skygreen leopards family crimes lp 2014 woodsist

Family Crimes is the latest entry in the SKYGREEN LEOPARDS’ growing discography. The band, which is comprised of Donovan Quinn (who is also a collaborator with Ben Chasny as part of the group NEW BUMS) and Glenn Donaldson, trace their origins back to the psych CD-R boom of the late 1990’s as a part of the Jewelled Antler collective. Family Crimes follows the bands’ trajectory following their last album, the country-flavored Disciples of California. It reveals a band that continues to refine their vision and scope.

Recorded and mixed straight off a tape machine run by Jason Quever of Papercuts (who is also a ‘sometimes’ member of the group) with a stress on leaving the rough edges and even the occasional mistake as a part of the finished product. The album boasts a collection sunny pop tunes with lyrics that betray a darker edge. At its core, this record is one that seems most preoccupied with relationships, loss of love and disconnection. While it’s unclear if the stories presented may be real or imaginary, there is a very palatable sense of loss that permeates Family Crimes in spite of its pop approach.

The album starts with “Leave The Family,” which seems like a break-up song. It sounds like the kind of tune one might write after leaving a cult as opposed to a girlfriend with a vocal delivery that is reminiscent of Brother JT in one of his quieter moods. From there the album jangles along at a nice pace. Other highlights include the 1960’s inspired “Reno Wedding,” sporting a nice sense of swagger with its organ swells, shimmering guitar leads and driving basslines. “It’s Not Love,” with its delicate, post-punk-inflected guitar leads recall early Cure as murderous lyrics inject a real sense of danger to the proceedings, while “Josephine” folds a little bit of the prior album’s country-esque sound back into the proceedings.

Overall, Family Crimes is nice addition to the group’s oeuvre. While the groups more direct warts ‘n’ all production was able to capture more of a spontaneous raw sound, it’s also one that at times can obscure the songs due to the homogenized recording approach. Thus making it a collection of songs that reveal themselves more and more with each repeated listening. Not really a bad thing though, because Family Crimes is a brokenhearted collection of tunes that are well worth the time.

Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Alt-Country, Alternative
Family Crimes LP: Tracklist:
1.) Leave The Family
2.) Love is a Shadow
3.) My Friends
4.) WWIII Style
5.) Is it Love, Love, Love?
6.) Reno Wedding
7.) It’s Not Love
8.) Crying Green & Purple
9.) Josephine
10.) Mascara Priscilla
11.) Selling T-Shirts
12.) Garden Blue
13.) Leave the Family Reprise
14.) Suburban Bibles

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Skygreen Leopards on Myspace (Myspace?!)

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