Axis: Sova – Early Surf

axis sova early surf lp god records 2015

After dropping a cassette last year on their own Licking River Records, we now have a proper sophomore LP from AXIS: SOVA. Courtesy of the Drag City sub-label God? Records, Early Surf is the next entry in a discography of intentionally twisted noise rock. Continue reading “Axis: Sova – Early Surf”

Wand – Ganglion Reef

wand ganglion reef lp god records 2014

WAND are yet another group in the latest of bumper crop neo-psychedelic wunderkinds. Their debut album Ganglion Reef is like some kind of genetically engineered and overgrown mutant pumpkin. From just the right sprinkling of Barrett-era Floyd to the chugging Blue Cheer-isms, it’s an album that sticks the landing on more occasions than not. Released on Ty Segall’s now established GOD? imprint (which is available via Drag City), it’s a driving and at the same time cosmically-inclined set of songs. Continue reading “Wand – Ganglion Reef”