OBN Ill’s – Third Time to Harm

obn iiis third time to harm lp tic tac totally 2014

Those Texas tornadoes, OBN III’s, are rolling thunder across the heartland on their third and latest LP from Tic Tac Totally, Third Time to Harm.

If you didn’t live in the 70’s, you can get a good heaping, heart-stopping dose of it on Third Time to Harm. All you need is a tank full of gas, 300 horses under the hood, a six-pack of tall boys, smokes, your best bud, and you’re good to go. Muscle cars, black light posters, denim jackets, Flying-V guitars, one-hitters, double albums, 8-tracks… they’re all here blasting in from the past when this number is spinning.

Album opener “No Times for the Blues” is a fast and furious rocker, the first single of a soundtrack for watching the girl’s track team at the local High School or doing donuts in the mall parking lot to fuck with the rent-a-cops. “The Rockin Spins” is a rush of adrenaline driven by a red-lining rhythm section and a torrent of hooks that would have made the grade on Tres Hombres. “Beg to Christ” starts off with some slow licks that could have been in a Sergio Leone Western, then kicks into monstrous riffs built to project from a mountain range of Marshall amps to roll out across a rolling sea of flickering Bic lighters and an occasional bouncing beach ball, as dudes hold their ladies on their shoulders in a sports stadium and shout “rock and roll!” between swigs of warm beer in a plastic cup with the local rock station branded on it. Another fond memory for the trophy case at home next to the other rock show cups and prized bowling trophy.

Grab the LP by following this link – if that’s not enough, there’s two live full-length LPs from the band that were also recently released!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative
Third Time to Harm LP: Tracklist:
1.) No Time for the Blues
2.) The Rockin’ Spins
3.) Uncle Powderbag
4.) Queen Glom
5.) Beg to Christ
6.) Brother
7.) Parasites
8.) Worries

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