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Prettiest Eyes – Looks

prettiest eyes looks lp aagoo records 2015

Forming amongst the toxic sludge in LA sewers rises the city’s greatest new threat, the PRETTIEST EYES. Their new debut, Looks, was released by Aagoo Records on February 17th in vinyl and CD formats. The band crafts a completely menacing blues-based sound, attacking from all angles and firmly keeping their feet in the murky pools of psych and noise.
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Dickhead Rescue – More Than… 7″

dickhead rescue more than 7 ever never records 2015

Ever/Never Records in New York City released a new 7″ from DICKHEAD RESCUE on February 17th. More Than… is their debut release and comes with two tracks swarming with static noise.

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Energy Gown – Evening Molasses

energy gown evening molasses lp alona's dream records 2014

ENERGY GOWN’s Evening Molasses is a warped and sweltering concoction of lysergic psychedelic rock, offering a deeply pensive and challenging bunch of material that will keep you guessing while your head spins, all at once. Continue reading

The Nuclear Family – s/t EP

nuclear family st ep 2014

THE NUCLEAR FAMILY first graced our ears by way of the inbox. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the 4-piece band makes a riveting mess out of punk and grunge rock elements on their self-released EP. Continue reading

Broken Arm – Life is Short

broken arm life is short lp gringo records 2014

BROKEN ARM’s latest on Gringo Records reveals a band with some potential, but also some maddening tendencies that need to be left behind in their record collection for them to progress. Continue reading

Martyr Privates – s/t LP

martyr privates st lp bedroom suck records 2014

The Brisbane-based bruisers MARTYR PRIVATES return at last with their debut full-length record. Bedroom Suck (Australia) and Fire Records in London release the LP together.
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UV Glaze – s/t 7″ EP

uv glaze 7 bachelor records 2014

Bachelor Records in Austria continues to drop the nasty stuff. This time, they’re delivering us the scuzzy, guitar-fueled racket of UV GLAZE. Continue reading