The Nuclear Family – s/t EP

nuclear family st ep 2014

THE NUCLEAR FAMILY first graced our ears by way of the inbox. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the 4-piece band makes a riveting mess out of punk and grunge rock elements on their self-released EP.

With an explosive EP like this one, it’s clear the Nuclear Family is out for nothing but a little foul play and maybe some fresh blood. Their name alone hints at a particularly dirty sound, picturing a disfigured, mutant family (think the group of freaks you encounter in a movie like The Hills Have Eyes) only up on a stage playing punk songs in a band together. Gross.

Their new 6 track EP hits hard and heavy, combining a blistering punk snarl with a crusty layer of purely destructive grunge filth. “Mud Mustard” is one staggering example, opening slow and twangy with a clear 90s vibe and some trippy notions. They flip the grunge switch to reveal scalding guitars, swelling up and creating a furious torrent of fuzz over some bloodthirsty screaming. Album closer “Radiator” is a terrifying example of what these guys can do. Pummeling percussion creates an earthquake under a storm of guitar. They slow everything down in the last half of the track, crafting a monumental breakdown to close out this brutal EP. Listen to these two cuts from the album below and attempt to wrap your head around the madness!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Grunge, Noise Rock
The Nuclear Family EP: Tracklist:
1.) Disposable Razor
2.) Pale
3.) I Wanna Be a Dog in the Sun
4.) Mud Mustard
5.) Mindless
6.) Radiator

DOWNLOAD the EP for FREE on Bandcamp
The Nuclear Family on Facebook

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