Friday’s Find: Eastlink – s/t LP

eastlink st lp in the rec records 2014

In the Red Records is gearing up for their summer season with a slew of new records, one of which is the new LP from Australian psych-punks EASTLINK, which oozes with 9 staggering psychedelic blow-outs. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Eastlink – s/t LP”

Friday’s Find: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves

natural child dancin' with wolves lp 2014 burger records

NATURAL CHILD just broke out with Dancin’ With Wolves, the Nashville trio’s fourth full-length, and their third for Burger Records since 2011. The LP is made up of 10 campfire cowboy songs with a bluesy swagger, led by Wes Taylor’s honest vocal delivery. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves”

Friday’s Find: Cheap Time – Exit Smiles

cheap time exit smiles lp 2013 in the red records

CHEAP TIME dropped their fourth studio album in five years in 2013 for In the Red Records. Exit Smiles is nearly 36 minutes of their self-described “progressive glitter punk.” Jeffrey Novak leads the charge with his distinctive snarl, the only constant member of the trio since their earliest singles. Continue reading “Friday’s Find: Cheap Time – Exit Smiles”