Friday’s Find: Eastlink – s/t LP

eastlink st lp in the rec records 2014

In the Red Records is gearing up for their summer season with a slew of new records, one of which is the new LP from Australian psych-punks EASTLINK, which oozes with 9 staggering psychedelic blow-outs.

Our Friday posts coincide with Styrofoam Drone’s Friday Find on eMusic’s Wondering Sound. Head on over to Wondering Sound right now to read more and listen to today’s post on EASTLINK: Friday’s Find #62

“Overtime” –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Noise Rock
Eastlink LP: Tracklist:
1.) What a Silly Day (Australia Day)
2.) Gina
3.) Dinnerchat
4.) Eastie Shit
5.) Overtime
6.) Scat
7.) Eastie Zoom 1
8.) Spring St.
9.) Thatcher’s Dead

BUY the LP from Insound – won’t be around forever !
Eastlink profile on ITR Records

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