Broken Arm – Life is Short

broken arm life is short lp gringo records 2014

BROKEN ARM’s latest on Gringo Records reveals a band with some potential, but also some maddening tendencies that need to be left behind in their record collection for them to progress.

Broken Arm seems to share the same tale many bands tell: blokes meet at work or their favorite pub, share a common bond (“life sucks,” or “there are no chicks in this town,” or “the Jesus Lizard rocked,” or “England’s football manager is a wanker”) and then decide to start a band together. One of the members obviously loves Led Zeppelin III and Physical Graffiti, as there’s a similar type of riffage appearing in these songs, which was cool when Led Zep cranked them in the 70’s, but sounds very dull and tired forty years later. However, Broken Arm does have some winners here, and these guys definitely have the chops (especially the drummer) that warrant keeping an eye out for their future efforts once they all get on the same page.

“Guilty Conscience” rips out a great hook and bass line that can get you fired up to crank your day past 11. “Double Talk” is fast and furious and can help you get in touch with your inner Darby Crash. “Life is Short” opens with a wall of dissonance that drives a great vocal snarl, chunky bass lines and some cool atonal leads. Listen here, get your head knocked around a little, and snag that wax from Gringo Records – clear vinyl copies limited to just 300!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Noise Rock, Alternative
Life Is Short LP: Tracklist:
1.) Hard to Live
2.) Under the Table
3.) Guilty Conscience
4.) Double Talk
5.) Waiting For the Call
6.) Newsreader
7.) Distractions
8.) Someone Else
9.) Life is Short
10.) Escape Route

BUY the LP on Bandcamp – limited to 300 on clear vinyl !
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